Friday 6 January 2023

Welcome …

 … to Twin Soul Unity.

My name is Rebecca Huggins (Rebecca, Becca, Becki or Bex I don’t mind which!) 

Some of you may remember me from 2010 when I originally set up Twin Soul Unity, but I moved through many other names and identities trying to find myself and working through ego fears as I ran away or pushed away my Twin in my frustrations. 

At the time of writing I am still in separation as I had a lot more healing to do than I realised as I had yet to discover I had been in a narcissistic relationship with my past Karmic Partner, and that I had a lot of other health issues, and that I am also neurodivergant, waiting for assessments for Autism and ADHD. 

Along with C-PTSD and other trauma related issues I also had to learn about, I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia which I am working to heal slowly. 

It is my hope and I have been guided that I will one day be working with my Twin Flame here on Twin Soul Unity as I have stated in the past my work would be far more credible if I was in Union - although many client testimonials will state how I have helped them on their own journey and many of those are now in Union with or in the moving into Union stages with their Twin Flames.

I leave it up to those of you who choose to follow my work to decide if what I do resonates and can support you into Union - if it feels right and good to you then Yay! If not then all good, I’m not for you either for now, or there is another reader better suited for your needs.

Big Huggs & Sparkly Vibes



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